Welcome to Chicago Hyperloop

Go faster with Hyperloop

What is Hyperloop?

Currently, today’s transportation can be split into four types: road, air, water, and rail. In 2012, however, Elon Musk proposed a potential fifth mode with his Hyperloop Alpha whitepaper. Hyperloop serves a niche purpose, fitting somewhere in between travelling by train and travelling by air. It aims to appeal to passengers and goods going between cities within 900 miles apart from one another, according to Musk’s whitepaper. Going at speeds of 600 mph with average departure times of 2 minutes per capsule, Hyperloop is faster than a plane and more convenient than a train. 

Who are we?

We are a group of students striving for a goal that has never been achieved. Students from both UIC and IIT have formed together to utilize new knowledge and techniques in the field of engineering. Transportation in Chicago is slow at best, and we decided that we want to change that. What better way to change that then to enter SpaceX’s Hyperloop pod competition. The team is adamant on doing our best to ensure that we draw attention to Chicago’s transportation issue. Help us to stand and make a change!